PTO Tracking Visibility

Who's In and Who's Out

One central location for employees to submit vacation requests and all employees to see who's in and who's out.

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How awesome is it?

Just create your group's calendar on our website and easily track who's in and who's out.


One glance shows you who's in and who's out.

Teams View

Group your organization by teams so you know where you'll be lean.

Better planning

Managers will plan better when they see resource capacity limits

communication tool

Less chaos

One glance will show everyone who's in and who's out. No surprises here or questions why Bob in Accounting isn't returning your emails. Company holidays are easily displayed letting everyone plan accordingly.

Simple. Easy. Effective.

Our awesome features

Improved communication

Great for small groups, larger departments, or entire companies.

Calendar control

You control your calendar. Teams, members, holidays... even add your own logo!

Make it your own

You can color-code your teams for easier visibility.

We're right here

Got a question, let us help. We're passionate about building a great product.

Frequently asked questions

Common Questions

Yes. Add your logo. Change your team colors. Add a custom color for each holiday. Whatever you want.
We want to hear it! Please contact us here.
Tie. Star Wars and Harry Potter.
Yep, it's on the product roadmap. Should be pretty sweet.
David G
Coming very soon!

How does free sound?

We're in Beta. Everything is Free. Help us make a great product.

Seriously. No cost.